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Your career could be doing better, but you don’t have the time to level up

You are not recognised as you could be in your business for the value you add

You are out of balance and risking burnout

At The CIO Circle we want to help you LEVEL UP your career

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To stay ahead, you need to continuously level up. Develop yourself and your team to add more value.

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Learn from industry leaders and thought leaders on a variety of technology and digital leadership subjects.

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Online and physical events. Peer discussions & thought leaders connect and learn from one another.

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Connect with our inclusive membership of leaders in the technology and digital space.

You are not alone, we’re here to help

We know how hard it is to run a technology team and deliver the goods. Let alone having to convince business leaders that these are the right things to do.

As an experienced CIO and Business transformation consultant, I’ve helped a number of businesses and leaders overcome the same challenges

What our members say

The CIO Circle is a positively enjoyable environment that allows tech leaders to openly and honestly share and learn on all those challenging non tech topics such as Leadership, Strategy, Wellbeing, Change, Transformation, Culture, etc to name a few, all within the context of technology as the enabler

Scott Findlater

CIO, Anord Mardix

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At The CIO Circle, we know you are the kind of person who wants to make an impact and become a recognised leader. To do this you need an array of skills and qualities. The problem is, where do you get the time and trusted insights to help you? This can lead to the feeling of overwhelm.

Leaders shouldn’t have to feel this way! We understand how hard it is leading a team and balancing business and personal demands. That’s why we at The CIO Circle provide the resources, courses and networks to help you overcome these challenges.

Here’s how it works.  In 3 easy steps you can join today, connect with others and start levelling up your career and the impact you have.

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Top 5 Leadership traits of a modern CIO

Do you have these traits?

Learn these 5 traits to remain relevant and make an impact.

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Becoming a more valued and impactful leader demands that you are constantly growing.  Take a look at our growing list of courses that will help you level up.

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