6 strategies to overcome procrastination

We talked about procrastinating in our previous blog. The different traits of a procrastinator and how to recognise this in yourself.

But how do you overcome procrastination?

Procrastination can become a habit. So it’s important to replace those old habits that are encouraging procrastination with new habits.

You may be procrastinating because for whatever reason you’re not feeling organised right now. Even the best of us can go through periods of procrastination when we have a lot going on.

Or you may be procrastinating as you feel overwhelmed with the task at hand. Perhaps it’s the fear of failure stopping you, or the perfectionist in you is stopping you from getting on with it.

Whatever the scenario is, here are 6 strategies you can use to stop that procrastination.

6 Strategies to stop procrastination:

1. Accountability

Being accountable to someone to complete the task is a great way to make sure that it gets done. Whether that’s asking a colleague to check in with you, your coach or mentor. Join an online co-working group like focusmate where you can spend 50 minute slots co-working with people from around the world. You start your session by saying what you are working on, then at the end you tell your co-worker whether you managed to get it completed. 

It’s a great way to get accountability and get the job done.

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2. Loose the distractions

Its an obvious one but something we forget to do. Get rid of those distractions! Shut down the email. Set the phone to silent. Put a DND note on your door. Do whatever it takes to make some distraction free time.

3. Set a time limit

We work better in chunks of time. So why not set a timer for 50 minutes and power through. Then spend 10 minutes having a stretch, playing with the dog, making a cup of tea. Before going back in for another 50 minutes.

4. Prioritise

Have you heard of Eisenhowers Urgent/Important Principle? It helps you to quickly identify what needs doing first (and stick to it!) Put your tasks into the following order:

  1. Important and urgent
  2. Important but not urgent
  3. Not important but urgent
  4. Not important and not urgent

5. Reward yourself

Promise yourself a reward for completing a task on time. It might be something as simple as a piece of cake, or a weekend away. If you need a reminder then stick it up on your notice board for daily motivation.

6. Do it first

Whatever it is that you are putting off make that first on your list every day. Get that done and out of the way and the rest of the day will be a breeze in comparison.

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